a Father and Son Story

The story starts with a father-son dream of teaming up and owning and operating a craft beer brewery, determined to create world-class brews that everyone can enjoy.


Charles (the father) is a Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering graduate, whose love for beer started in the foothills of Colorado. Brewing beer is right in the wheelhouse of chemical engineers, so it was a natural fit. He learned to brew beer at home while he kept his “day job”, and was thrilled when his son also took up home brewing. The seed for the dream was planted.


An Atlanta-area native, Clay followed in his dad's footsteps, but not as an engineer. He moved to Colorado to be a ski bum by day and an adventurist by night, including learning the art and science of brewing beer. Clay moved back to north Georgia and became a fireman, enamored by the smoke jumpers he met out west. He also honed his skills in brewing beer. The seed for the dream was planted.


When “the time” came, both father and son threw caution to the wind, and committed to fulfilling “the dream”, an effort of love and passion. Each day starts with a challenge and ends with a reward. Here we are living the dream, the first craft brewery in Johns Creek, GA.

the team

Bryan Johnson - production manager - Bryan is an Atlanta native, growing up mainly in Roswell. His favorite styles of beer to drink and brew include IPAs, double IPAs, porters and stouts. When he’s not in a brewery working, he likes to visit other breweries and try their beers. He also enjoys attending any major Atlanta team sporting events, hiking, spending time with his friends/family, or just hanging out on the couch and relaxing with his wonderful fiancé Nicole and their dog, Mac.  Loves you dramatically less than Chewy.

alex "Chewy" ciaburri - head brewer - Chewy love you.

tyler zari - taproom, events, and social media director - Tyler is a huge fan of stouts and IPAs, a palate he developed while earning his degree in history from Georgia Southern.  Before moving to Georgia, he grew up in Maryland, so he remains a Capitals, Orioles, and Redskins fan.  In his free time, he loves cooking, trying weird flavors of chips, growing prolific mustaches, and taking ships out of bottles.  He wrote the lyrics to, produced, and directed the music video to the 1990 Nelson hit, "(I Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection." 

austin aiello - account manager - Austin is a recent Georgia State Panther graduate with a huge love and passion for craft beer. He’s been in the industry for about two years, and he enjoys the outdoors, camping, fishing, and most importantly, he is passionate about his Atlanta sports!  Level 46 fire mage.

michael burns - taproom lead - Michael is a recent transplant from Kentucky, where he grew up and attended school, so feel free to chat him up about bourbon, as well as beer. Michael earned a degree in Political Science from Transylvania University and while there developed a passion for craft beer and community. You can often find Michael running, playing the guitar, reading a book, relaxing in a coffee shop, shouting incorrect answers at Jeopardy!, or getting lost on a hike. Although he grew up in Kentucky, he spent his earliest years in St. Louis, Missouri and remains a devoted St. Louis professional sports fan. Featured here with Michael is Barley, one of his two dogs. His favorite styles of beer to drink are triples, brown ales, and IPAs...and everything else. Michael fights in the UFC, and his biggest weakness is shouting out what he's about to do.

matt ward - taproom - Can pass as a killer whale trainer.

storm carter - taproom - Storm was raised here in Johns Creek and loves being apart of the Six Bridges Brewing family.  When he's not working at the brewery, he enjoys exploring the city of Atlanta, hiking the local trails, and testing out new Georgia brews.  Has a truck, but won't help you move.  CHEERS!

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