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"the office" themed trivia night!

Saturday, May 14th 12-2pm

Everyone grab your A-Team, Backups, and Good Timers because we're hosting The Office Themed Trivia Night on Thursday, June 2nd at 7pm!


Will you win "Hottest in the Office" or "Don't Go In There After Me"? Only one way to find out!  


Come HUNGRY because Southern Grace Kitchen will be here serving up some grub!

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thursday pint nights

Every Thursday Night

Pretty straight forward.  Come in, buy a pint, and pay 15% less than you normally would.  

Only applies to pints, not half pours or flights.


hard hitting trivia

Every Tuesday, 7pm

Bring your big ol' brains to the taproom and put them to the test!  Every Tuesday starting at 7 and will go to around 9.  Trivia Guru Brian Darby puts on a fun, challenging show with a broad range of topics.  There are prizes for first, second, and third, and the game is free to play.


Bring the smartest folks you know and put them to the test!

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