year-round beers


medlock - new england india pale ale - 6.2% aBv
A bright, citrus forward, double dry hopped, hazy IPA featuring Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, and Simcoe hops. A beautiful, golden straw color with orange and tangerine aromas, this IPA showcases smooth and balanced bitterness throughout. With a medium-light body, the addition of flaked oats and wheat give it a soft, pillowy finish. At 6.2%, this is sure to be your go to IPA.  

Discover glass.jpg

Discover - american Pale ale - 5.0% aBv
This refreshingly balanced pale ale inspires exploration. The simple grain bill adds notes of soft bread and crackers, and the classic hops display moderate bitterness with floral aromas and light citrus flavors. Whether you are hitting the trail, relaxing on the water, or somewhere in between, let this pale ale help you Discover something new!



Shelby - american Golden ale - 4.8% aBv
Named after a magnificent, late Golden Retriever, this well balanced ale displays a pale straw color with bready aromas from the use of wheat and barley in the mash. With a light body and a touch of soft malt sweetness from the honey malt addition, this creates a very approachable craft beer. At 4.8%, this easy drinking ale is sure to please those looking for a clean, local offering. 


silent accord - coconut milk stout - 6.5% aBv

Jet black in color with a creamy, tan head, this milk stout is full of flavors. Aromas of coffee and dark chocolate come through from the use of roasted barley and chocolate malts. Smooth, dark chocolate and subtle notes of toasted coconut create a pleasant bouquet of flavors for the palate. A medium-light body that shows creaminess and low roast makes this offering approachable year round. At 6.5%, this beer is a real treat for those looking for rich, velvety smooth stout. 

sour continuum

rotating sour series


sour continuum with blueberry
Sour ale - 5
% aBv

A crushable, tart ale conditioned on blueberries.  This beer's striking purple hue is bound to get your attention!  Displaying sweet, floral aromas and tart, earthy notes, the beer finishes surprisingly smooth.  You'll love the way it looks in a glass, but it'll be gone before you know it! 


sour continuum with pink guava
Sour ale - 5
% aBv

A tart, tropical 5% sour ale made with Pink Guava harvested high in the Andes mountains.  With a beautiful cloudy, orange-pink hue and aromas of citrus and grapefruit, this beer is a perfect match for Georgia's warm weather.  Guava lends juicy and earthy flavors with a clean, crisp finish.  Light & crushable!


sour continuum with key lime
Sour ale - 5
% aBv

A tart and bright 5% sour ale made with real Key Lime juice, Madagascar vanilla beans, graham cracker, and milk sugar.  This beer pours a hazy, pale straw color with aromas of lime, brown sugar, honey, and a hint of vanilla.  The tartness of the lime is up front and throughout, with the graham cracker and vanilla adding to a smooth & subtle finish.  This beer is the pie in a glass!

limited releases

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