the beers


medlock - new england india pale ale - 6.2% aBv

A double dry hopped, bright & juicy New England-style IPA made with Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops that has a soft, pillowy finish.

Shelby - american Golden ale - 4.8% aBv

Clean, crisp, easy drinking ale.  Light malt sweetness, a medium body, accented with honey malt and a late addition of Citra hops.

sour continuum with pink guava - berliner weisse - 5% aBv

A crushable, tart ale brewed with pink guava that has a clean, refreshing finish.

silent accord - coconut milk stout - 6.5% aBv

Creamy and velvety smooth stout finished with toasted coconut flakes and Madagascar vanilla beans. 


love tractor - peach milkshake ipa - 6.1% aBv

This milkshake IPA comes with a huge body, propped up by plenty of oats, wheat, and milk sugar. Then, we threw in a healthy amount of north Georgia peaches.  Typically available in late summer, when peaches are good.

sour continuum with key lime pie - berliner weisse - 4.3% aBv

Our Berliner Weisse with a ton of key limes, graham cracker, and milk sugar. Everything that makes key lime pie great, in a glass. Available in Summer.

sour continuum with blueberry and pink guava - berliner weisse - 5% aBv

The second of our rotating sour series, this beer is made with tons of blueberry and pink guava, giving it an incredible color, and smooth finish.  More tart than sour.  Available in Fall.

northside sunrise - berliner weisse - 6% aBv

A Berliner Weisse we made in partnership with Masfarland Wine and spirits and Georgia Liquor Barn. This one was aged in Corazón tequila barrels, and then we added orange and cherry to it, giving it a tequila sunrise feel. No longer available.

easy flying crazy horse - belgian golden ale - 6.8% aBv

This Belgian Golden Ale was made with 2-row and Vienna malt, Abbey yeast, and a little bit of Magnum hops for a nice, easy balance. No longer available.

Suspension Ch. 1 - new england ipa - 7% aBv

The first in our new series of rotating NEIPA's, Chapter one was made with Citra, Idaho 7, and Bravo hops, giving it notes of melon, lime, mango, and apricot. Plenty of oats and wheat give this beer a very full body.  No longer available.

garden dreams

belgian golden sour

5% aBv

This beer is a kettle-soured Belgian Golden Sour Ale, fermented with Belgian yeast, and finished with Hibiscus flowers. Bright, effervescent, sweet, and tart.  No longer available.

humble comforts - farmhouse ale - 5.2% aBv

This Farmhouse Ale was made with 2-row, wheat, rye, and Vienna malt, with French Saison yeast, resulting in a light, fruity, spicy ale, perfect for the outdoors. No longer available. 

pop's ryes - rye ipa - 6.4% aBv

This beer is a recipe mix between our Birds Ryes Together (rye IPA) and out Pop's Hops (American IPA). A balanced IPA made with rye malt and single-hopped with Centennial hops. No longer available.

daytime tv - neipa - 6.7% aBv

This NEIPA was single-hopped with Simcoe, giving it notes of apricot, pineapple, and like resinous pine. No longer available.

now i begin - neipa - 6% aBv

This single-hopped NEIPA was made with El Dorado hops, giving it notes of pear and watermelon. No longer available.

spilled coffee - coffee brown ale - 6.8% aBv

This brown ale is made with Maris Otter, Biscuit Malt, a little bit of Chocolate malt, and local Peach Roasters coffee. Nice, dark, and easy drinking. No longer available.

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northside lager - 6.8% aBv

Our newest American Lager made with 2-Row, Vienna malt, and a little bit of Magnum hops to balance it all out. No longer available.

strange days indeed - neipa - 6.7% aBv

This single-hopped NEIPA was made with Nelson Sauvin hops, resulting in a beautifully hazy beer with notes of white grapes and citrus. No longer available.

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